Yup you guessed it. Those pesky camera batteries have been acting up again. When mom can’t take pictures she gets uninspired about updating my blog. And it’s actually been an interesting week – we’ve gone on a long walkie in Pasadena (in new places that I haven’t peed on before), I’ve seen my Dale buddies, I’ve done the ride-along to the supermarket, and I continue my important work on improving my jerky.

So I’m gonna have to do an intervention.

I told mom that on Friday or Sunday (her next day off from that “work” place), we’re going to go to Samy’s Camera to find out what the very best batteries are for our camera. The ones that give the most bang for the buck, rechargeable if possible, that will allow for more reliable picture-taking of me. Rather than just buying whatever she saw, I’m going to take her to see the professionals so that she doesn’t make any silly mistakes again and buys crappy batteries and chargers.

I’m charging the batteries that we do have as I speak. Hopefully they’ll be charged by tomorrow.

Charlie the Lab

In other and far more important news, my buddy Charlie the Lab is sick – please visit Opy‘s blog to read all about it and send him some AIRE ZEN (if you’re an Airedale), and/or whatever kind of Zen you can (Lab Zen, Golden Zen, heck even Kitty Zen will help!) so that our pal gets better soon!!! Charlie is an important dude – his mom and dad run Dogs With Blogs – so send him your good thoughts!



Chez Bogart

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3 thoughts on “Photographic Phrustrations”

  1. Tell your momma that even rechargable batteries aren’t always that good. We have three sets of rechargables, but only two hold their charge for any meaningful length of time.

    Seems like you’ve had lotsa action lately, so I hope she gets that whole camera thing straightened out.


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