Bogie Mobile



Yes, whenever mama has to go to that place she calls WORK (ok that’s an affectionate term, sometimes she uses other words that I won’t repeat here…) she neglects my blog. And January was going sooo well, we posted almost every single day and then… nada.


Bogie Mobile

It’s not that I haven’t been up to my usual hijinks, in fact it was a very fun week. But the evil camera has not cooperated (as usual), so without pictures mama gets lazy. I’ve been told that a trip to the camera store to get a super-duper-massive battery is in order, but with all of this work-ing she’s been doing, well, who knows?


Bogie Mobile

At least I had a little mother-son time with her this afternoon – just enough time for a long walkie in Pasadena. Again, not many pictures to share but at least she got some cute ones of me in the Bogie-mobile (so all is not lost).





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3 thoughts on “Crazy Little Thing Called…”

  1. I knew something was up when I didn’t see postings every day. What’s with those humans and working? Sometimes Mom and Master go to work at the same time and leave Mango home alone! Its not right! At least you got a good walkie and ride in your Bogie Mobile. Lay on the guilt. Its quality AND quantity time that count.

    Your Pal,

  2. Now that’s ONE HANDSOME BOY sticking his head out of that bug!

    We know the “W” word, too…we’re trying to teach our folks the ancient Irish art of turning work into either play or pandemonium. The Dublin playwrite Brendan Behan used to say that he had a wonderful career as a drinker, occasionally interrupted by regrettable bouts of writing.

    Hey, how come you have so much sun in California?

    Persephone & Buster

  3. Hey Bogart,
    We just love that last picture of you with that tiny bit of tongue hanging out!!! Our Auntie C has a yellow bug. Mama says it’s a pretty cool little car. Have fun with your Mama.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

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