Cafe Day with Mom

Today was a little rainy, a little grey, a little windy.  Since mom and I both love it when we have real weather here in Los Angeles (especially some rain!!!) we piled into the Bogie-mobile and decided to have a little mother-son day walking around in Pasadena.

Cafe Day with Mom

We had a niiiiiice long walkie down Colorado Boulevard, lots of Airedmiration, and it is really lovely to breathe in this weather!

Cafe Day with Mom

Then we came back to our favorite cafe, Lovebirds.  Mom got the same sandwich she always does, but this time they managed to put waaaay too much mozzarella cheese on it for her taste.  Guess who will be the beneficiary of extra-yummy-mozzarella-falling-from-the-sky?

Cafe Day with Mom

Yum Yum

Cafe Day with Mom

Then I was getting antsy and wanted to walk some more before the heavy rain started.  Mom understood.  I know that lots of my doggie friends have snow and rain (and it can be annoying!) but since we have almost none of that here, I get very excited about it.



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6 thoughts on “Cafe in the Rain”

  1. hey you handsome devil you!!! It’s been pretty gray up in NorCal too! Glad you are having fun lunching!!!

    Lots of Licks!!! ruby

  2. Mmmmh, mozarella. Lucky you! My mum has just decided it’s good to starve 👿 (fast!) me. What I wouldn’t give for mozarella!

    Starving 🙁 Finni xx

  3. :mrgreen: Hey Bogart, you look like you had a great time out in cafe land. I love cheese too. Like you guys, we don’t get much rain here either. It has been stinking hot this summer. Although when it does rain I don’t like to go out in it, but I do like the coolness it brings.
    Love Miss Ellie – the Superdale xxx

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