Stormy Bogart

Looks scary, doesn’t it?

Stormy Bogart

We don’t get that much serious weather here in Los Angeles and the TV-weatherman was threatening us with lots of rain and wind today… all the better to find some yummy salad out in the park.

Stormy Bogart

As is always here in LA, nothing is as it seems.  It was relatively cold to be sure (ok, 50s to 60s) but no torrential rain or hurricane-force winds.  So no excuse for mom to not take me on a walkie through the ENTIRE park.

Stormy Bogart

Got it mom?




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One thought on “Stormy Weather”

  1. Bogart
    It looks kind of bootiful if a little Mommi likes it when thewe is weathew..that’s one of the weasons we moved fwom LA..but now we don’t even have any snow all’s all messed up
    you look adowable in those pictoowes..I see you have youw twusty pinecone
    smoochie kisses

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