The Airedale Habit

Yeah! I got to spend part of today with my Dale buddies!!! But first mom, dad, Mareike and me went to The Habit for some tasty burgers. It’s always great to eat with Mareike, she really understands my take on what makes a good burger – nothin’ on it but meat and bun. And large pieces always seem to fall my way when she has a burger…

The Habit


Then it was time to see my Dale buddies and try out some more of dad’s homemade jerky. No camera could catch how fast they all gobbled up all of the heart, yam and chicken jerky that he brought for them. They loved it!

The Airedale Habit

It’s always fun to see them – and to see how much they like my jerky. Fun to run in the garden (with a new palm tree that now is where the giant hole used to be – if mom’s batteries weren’t crappy there would be photos of that too) and to groom my buddy Kermit. Sundays are fun…



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