Super Tenny

Back on my birthday in August, my buddy Stanley got me a verrrry special present. It was a ball. On the outside an ordinary-looking tennis ball. But oh, this ball was sooo much more. Not only did this ball provide all of the grimy-used-tennis-ball goodness, but when placed between my Crocodale jaws, it SQUEAKS. To…



Package!  Package for Bogart H. Devil!      Whatever could it be??? Gimme… gimme… gimmeeeeeeeeee… ok, you open it.   Ohmygosh, it’s from Stanley & Stella!!!!! What is that dad??? Oh, it’s a SNOZZLE!!!!!  I saw that Maggie & Mitch had these (Stan is THE Snozzle Man) and was intrigued… now I’ve got not one…


Crank Up the AireZen Machine!

I’ve just heard that our dear Miss Maggie, Queen of Socal, was hit by a car… please go visit her blog and send the AireZen (or WireZen, or RetrieverZen, or even KittyZen – whatever you do best!)… Get better SOON pretty girl!!!   Love,   Bogart

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