Xmas Cards

I wasn’t expecting any Christmas cards this year because mom said that she just couldn’t do it this time around (not that she didn’t want to – it was killing her not to participate this time! – but she just couldn’t make it happen)… but this week I got some!  I have such cooooooool friends, you all are THE BEST and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy whenever I think about my buddies around the world.

The first one was from Charlie and Opy – isn’t this a great picture of them?  I was trying to get closer to admire the composition and the portraiture… before mom thwarted my attempt.  Ok, I was thinking destruction, but m-o-o-o-m…

You two make such a cool team – sending big Aire Kisses across the ocean to my pals!!!

Xmas Cards

Xmas Cards

Then I got one from my Aire buddies, Maggie & Mitch!!!  You guys are so super cool, I LOVE the photo of the two of you!  I could swear that I smelled you guys on the card, and I thought a little nibble on a corner could confirm my suspicions… but again, mom stepped in to save the day.

Big sloppy Aire Kisses for the beautiful Miss Maggie, and some fun rough-and-tumble (and of course, some Aire kisses too) to the handsome Mitch!!

Sorry for the weird flash on the first photo that’s kind of covering Mitch’s handsome face…

Xmas Cards

And then I opened a postcard from the beautiful Miss Faya – HUBBA HUBBA!

Xmas Cards

Gimme that mom – don’t touch my postcard all the way from Switzerland!!!

Xmas Cards

Faya, I was able to get a little of your essence by chewing on a corner of your photo – and it was heaven.  Sending Big Aire Kisses to the prettiest Airegirl in Europe!!!

Love to everydog, everywhere, and thanks for always making me SMILE



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