Ok, you may need to look away – it’s like looking at the surface of the sun at noon in the middle of summer – behold, the Boxer Babies and Heidi cuteness in their first (probably of many) videos:




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4 thoughts on “The Boxers and Me”

  1. Hi Bogart,

    The boxer babies are just too cute! My mom was ooohhing and aaaahhhhing through the whole video. It did make me sad to see Heidi looking so tired. I’m used to seeing a blur of her as she runs laps around the camera. I’m glad the pups have such a great dog to learn from. Oh, and you were so sweet and gentle with the puppies. You would be a great dad! Keep the videos and pictures coming!

    Your pal,

  2. Hi Bogart
    Your video is bootiful. Heidi is a very sweet mum and her babies are adorable puppy babies. You’re all the same colour too. You’re a good boy looking after Heidi and her babies.
    Love from Hammer

  3. What a lovely video. Those pups are gorgeous – that puppy yawn totally got me – and you are such a gentle boy with them. What a star. Our thoughts are with Heidi and her family and friends.


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