Happy Dales

Ah, another fun and exciting Sunday at Mareike’s, spending the afternoon with my Dale buddies…

Happy Dales

Happy Dales

Happy Dales

Happy Dales

Happy Dales


We all had a great time, but of course most of my interest always seems to go to Kermit – the one-eyed Dale – who lets me hump my frustrations away. Thanks again man.

This time there was a guest dog – her name is Bree – she’s the pretty striped girl and she has a very “special talent” with the hose.

All in all, a SUPER FUN day!!!



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4 thoughts on “Happy Dales”

  1. Hi Bogart,
    Your matie Kermit sure is a patient dale haa haa. It’s great seeing so many dales together.

    Noah, Willow, Tess & Lucy

  2. Bogart,

    What a wonderful day! Nothing beats playing with a bunch of ‘dales. Bree is a cutie too. You sure are lucky to have so many Airedale friends you can hang out with. Keep having all that fun!!!


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