Bogart the Airedale

Nope, the title is not a typo.

I’ve started two new “lenses” on Squidoo – one about the Dog Blogging phenomenon, and one on the even more phenomenal Airedale Terrier Blogging phenomenon.

If you’re a member of Dogs With Blogs I’d LOVE to include your blog on the Dog Blogging lens… mom just got started on it so it’s still a little bare, so do let me know if I should put your blog up on there.  And if you have galleries on FlickR or videos on YouTube let me know that too – I’d like to populate the site with ALL DWB material!  Just leave me a comment here or on my Chatterbox or drop me an email – and I’ll put yours up asap!  Also for anyone already listed, I mostly pulled description info from your blog, if you want to write something special for your description let me know that too!

Check ’em out!



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