Bogart & Sunshade

First, there was a movie with a cute dog.  Everyone thought he was an Airedale, but his lack of the distinctive black saddle made Airedale owners everywhere know that while he was awfully cute, and he certainly was an (Irish) Terrier, he was no Airedale.  So there simply HAD to be a sequel, this time with not one mighty Dale, but two…

Bogart & Sunshade

Starring the two cutest Airedales ever to fall in love over the internet… Bogart & Sunshade.

This is the poster that my dreamgirl Sunshade sent me… while I still don’t have the pictures of me licking and kicking the box it came in (mom says later today and also the pictures of me with my new super package from Stanley), this is the poster.  It’s sooooooo cool!!!!  Mom says we’re going to have it framed so I can always see my dreamgirl…



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One thought on “Firehouse Dog… The Sequel”

  1. Awesome poster Bogart! So nice of Miss Sunshade to send it to you.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

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