I just got tagged by my Aire-bud Hercules… there’s a new game in town, the Middle Name Game:

Here’s how it goes:

1. Post the rules before you give the facts. (Listen up Pups, these are the Rules!!)

2. List one fact that is somehow relevant to you and your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don’t have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had.

3. When you are tagged you need to write your post using your middle name and facts about it.

4. At the end of your post choose one dog to tag for each letter of your middle name. Be sure to let each puppy know she/he has been tagged. (It’s ok if you don’t do this, just tag who you want to tag!).


So, many of you know that my official AKC name is BOGART HANDSOME DEVIL. So I guess I have a little more work to do coming up with all of the letters in my middle name…

H is for Handsome, as in Handsome Devil

A is for Airedale Terrierist, ahem, Terrier

N is for Naughty, of which I am on a daily basis

D is for Dog Food, in which I have no interest

S is for Stinker, as in Little Stinker (one of mom’s favorite pet names for me)

O is for the Only canine in a household full of cats!

M is for Meeeeeeeee, and that’s what it’s all about

E is for Everyday of sunshine that I bring to my family

What does it spell? HANDSOME, of course. Mom came up with the Handsome Devil part, and dad originally thought of the Bogart part. I kinda like my name, I think it suits me…

So I’m gonna tag

Maggie & Mitch









(forgive me if any of you guys have already been tagged, yes I threw in one extra just in case! – it’s an all-Airedale game for me this time 🙂



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