Bogart's Birthday Burger

Yes, it took mom almost a WHOLE WEEK to get off her butt and take me to Rally’s for my birthday burger. I was prepared to be underwhelmed, and quite frankly, ticked off, but then she did something so wonderful, so mom-like, that I couldn’t go through with my initial plan to ignore her pathetic attempt at burger reconciliation.

She picked me up – just like when I was a baby.

Bogart's Birthday Burger

Allow me to explain – it’s freaking hot here in Los Angeles. And it has been for ages. But especially in the last week it’s been really, really – did I mention REALLY? – hot. So hot that we cannot go for midday walkies anywhere in the city, only in the park. I am a delicate flower, with delicate paws (yes they’re huge, but they’re sensitive, damnit). Waking on the asphalt causes me to cry out like a puppy because it HURTS! Yes, it’s THAT HOT here.

So when we got to Rally’s we had to stand at the outside counter for awhile while the person inside was talking on their cell phone (!) instead of rustling up my tasty birthday burger. Harumph! Mom could see that I was uncomfy and she was annoyed with the lack of attention being paid to us by the person inside, and damnit, her BABY was hurtin’! So, $5 bill in hand, she picked me up (all 65 pounds of me!) and held me while she waited for the Rally’s guy to notice us. It was HILARIOUS – there were other people waiting too and they were laughing when mom decided to take matters into her own hands in order to get me my burger. You should have seen the expression on the guy’s face when he came to the window (and yes, mom was perspiring a bit from holding me up so high on such a hot day) and saw sweaty mom, me, and the $5 bill. Without missing a beat, mom ordered my Rally burger – plain, no sauce – and some fries for herself, and it was burger time.

Bogart's Birthday Burger

Bogart's Birthday Burger

We ran over to the covered eating area (she didn’t have to carry me for that which was a GOOD thing…) and it was time for my birthday burger. Mom sang Happy Birthday to me which I enjoyed. Don’t tell her that I was staring through her while she was singing and just looking longingly at the burger, lets pretend that I was looking lovingly at HER… And then I chomped that burger down in my traditional fashion.

Bogart's Birthday Burger

Yummy yummy, good times.



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2 thoughts on “Birthday Burger… Finally”

  1. Hey Bogart,
    You FINALLY got your burger!!! Boy, that person at Rally Burger sure was rude. Too bad your Mama had to pick you up & hold you to get their attention. She should have sat you inside of the window at the counter so you could go bite their butts!!!!!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

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