Continuing on my Distract-A-Dale tour (so I don’t cry every day over the passing of my buddy Oscar), today I thought I’d take you around my neighborhood a little by video…

The first thing I encounter most mornings when I leave my apartment is “The Canine Interloper”, a doggie who lives right next door and, ahem, “greets” me by barking and running in wild circles every time he sees me.  He’s awfully cute, but since he doesn’t ever want to play nice, I just walk on by…

A flock of crows have taken over MY PARK in the mornings.  They are BIG and they are LOUD and they follow me on my walkie.  They used to bother me but now I’m not that interested… since they just fly away whenever I’ve chased them I lost interest.



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2 thoughts on “The Neighborhood Threat”

  1. I am surrounded by goofy yippy little dogs and they just don’t want to play! I don’t understand it at all. Maybe one day your neighbor will chill out and just sniff or something!


  2. Hi Bogart

    It is very sad getting through life without Oscar. I’m sure once he knows his mum and dad are okay, he will drop by to check on you. I ignore yappy dogs. I’m always on a mission. Haven’t worked out what yet. Have a great weekend.

    Love from Hammer

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