Playing Catch Up

Ok, so I’m not a human with all of their supposed great mental prowess and all, but even I know that Sunday isn’t Wednesday. The below-pictured fun and frivolity happened this past SUNDAY and today is WEDNESDAY. I wonder who’s fault that could be?

We were supposed to go to a new place that I haven’t been to before, but alas, on the way there the Bogie-Beetle started to overheat. So we added some water into the car and instead of going to whatever that new place was we wound up walking around Los Feliz (yes, hipster heaven yet again). Fun, but relatively uninspiring.

I saw this wall of funny t-shirts and thought about all of my friends who have cool t-shirts… none for me, I’m hot enough with my hair shirt on!

Gotta check my wifi peemail…

Then mom and I were both in for a surprise… we got a call from Mareike and rather than go to the bank like mom had planned, we headed over to her house (aka Airedale Heaven)… I was barking from the second we turned onto her street, and once I smelled those Dales I was ready to go!!! Getting one picture of all 4 of us together is incredibly difficult, this was literally the BEST one mom could catch…

It was hot outside so we all spent a lot of time running in and out of her house… getting nice and exhausted. I didn’t want to leave! Lots of fun running and humping, who wants to go back home???



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