Bogart at the Echo Park Lake

Ok this won’t mean much to pretty much everyone reading my blog, but for my dad (who is still in Austria) this will be big news — each day when I go for my walkies in the park behind our place usually you would have to practically jump up to the park – it was just some crappy stones that someone put in place as a sort of makeshift staircase.  They were always falling apart and the few times that we got any rain here (yes, it’s been awhile) they would always come loose.  This made it really difficult for dad to walk with me because as you know he broke his leg last year, and climbing still isn’t his strong suit.

Well dad, this morning at 6am we walked out and saw this (notice how well I model the new steps):

Bogart on the stairs

Yes, someone went and built stairs.  I have no idea of who did it but someone did.  A big thank you to whoever got out the power tools and did that because it works really well!  I was a little surprised when I first saw it, but hey, I’ve been able to do stairs for some time now…

Bogie in the park

Bogart in the park

Mom wasn’t able to catch much in the way of fun “action” shots because the battery was dying in the camera (yes – again) but at least we got a few of me eagerly awaiting my stickwork.

Bogart at the Echo Park Lake

Around lunchtime we cruised around the Echo Park lake again – you know, just so I could count those ducks again.

Bogart at the Echo Park Lake

I kind of like watching them scatter whenever I walk through…

Bogart at the Echo Park Lake

Time to stop and smell the… lotus

Bogart at the Echo Park Lake



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4 thoughts on “A Step Up”

  1. Hi BOgie,
    I love the way you model walking up the should offer your sewices to whoever built them, I bet they’d get a lot more work.heheheheh
    Why is your Daddy in Austwia? and where in Austwia? I’m just nosy, plus my MOmmi and Daddy were there in Apwil for a pawty.
    Do water lilys smell good?
    I have to go sleep now,
    sweet dweams Bogie, mwahhhhAsta

  2. Hey Bogart,
    That is so nice that someone built the stairs. We bet your Dad will really pawreciate them. Too bad he isn’t home with you today for Father’s Day. We hope he has a nice day!! Are the lotus blooming yet?? What color are they? Mama has 4 colors, but they bloom about late July into beginning of August. She only has a few plants of them. It’s hard to get them started here in Iowa. Mama & Papa went to a big renaissance festival yesterday & met a cute Aire-Girl! She was 70 lbs. She kept kissing Mama on the hand. Hope you have a great day!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

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