Peeing in Pasadena

It seems that there is still work to do as far as whipping mom into shape. Yes we take many smaller walks, but I haven’t taken her on the full Pasadena tour (approx. 3 miles) in awhile. And of course it’s better to do this when it’s really warm outside and she has a full backpack (for her upper body workout, naturally). So today was that day…

My intestines seems to be functioning at a much better level on the whole recently, and well there is just no other way to say it – I’m pooping up a storm. Good, healthy poop, but instead of my old once a day regimen now it’s anywhere from 3-5 times. Mom likes that they’re well-formed and easy to pick up, but lets just say that she still has a way to go in the always-prepared-with-poopie-bags department.

For some reason I really like to poop all over Old Town Pasadena. Whenever we walk along the sidewalks with their cafes and trendy shops my butt gets working. I particularly enjoy the looks on diners faces after they’ve made the universal “ohmygosh, isn’t he adorable” face to the one they make when I get into kangaroo position and take a nice, healthy dump right on the sidewalk in front of them as their entree arrives. Ah, life is g-o-o-d…

Peeing in Pasadena

After a long walk a boy needs a little rejuvenation, so a stop at the water fountain is a must. I’ll lap up a little, but there are so many people around that I wanna sniff, and so many opportunities to leave pee-mail that I just wanna GO!

So anyway, we both survived the long walk and I slept on the way home, happy in the knowledge that I have a relatively well-trained mom.

Peeing in Pasadena


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