Bogart at The Grove

Ah, the weekend is here! After a leisurely walk around the Echo Park lake (gotta check in to see that all of the ducks are still there and of course, poop) mom and I were discussing where we should go for lunch.

Mom and I haven’t been to The Grove for awhile, so off we went in the Bogie-Beetle.

Alas – the bane of my existence – the batteries in the camera died quickly after we’d sat down at Johnny Rocket’s for some evil vegetarian grilled cheese sandwich (really, how can she eat that stuff?) so there aren’t nearly as many fun photos as I’d hoped for.

Bogart at The Grove

But it was fun – and tiring – it’s pretty warm outside again today.  And because it’s the weekend it seemed like every person on the west side of LA was at The Grove today.  A lot of them were at the movie theatre, but even more were walking around the outdoor mall, getting in my way.  More dogs being carried than walking on leashes, which is so weird to me (I’d love to test out having mom carry me around sometime).

I just tucked into a can of my yummy Solid Gold Green Tripe so now I’m ready to sleep.  In bed next to mom.  Because SOMEBODY has to keep her warm and safe while dad is in Austria!!!

Just doin’ my job dad, mom promises there will be no Bogie-dirt in the bed when you get back…



PS – Sending out lots of Bogie-love and Aire-Zen for my dad’s brother Dieter who had a bad accident… I hope you’re ok!!!!

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3 thoughts on “Goin’ to the Grove”

  1. bogart, if your mom carries you around, she doesn’t need to go to the gym anymore!

    wet wet licks


  2. Y’know, I saw 2 dogs in a stroller this morning when we were out for a truck ride. It was a double stroller and they were all zipped in, kinda like a dually space pod on wheels or something. We have 4 legs so we can walk!

    Bussie Kissies

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