Bogart at Good Microbrew

Because I’m sure that many of you are on pins and needles to hear the most important stuff first and enquiring minds need to know:


A little “soft serve”, but not “gravy” (to use the humans’ terms)

Now back to our regularly scheduled programme…

Bogart at Good Microbrew

After work mom was hungry. Yes, really hungry. So hungry she could eat a wall (I was happy to help show her how to do this as I’ve done it many times myself). After working in the morning, she picked up dad and me and off we went to the Good Microbrew. We really do have to start getting more creative in where we go to eat… I mean, I like the outside patio and all but it seems like every time we go there is some problem with our food (ahem – they never have guacamole for mom’s Coachella sandwich like it says on the menu, it’s just sloppy to slice up some avocados and call it guacamole!) and mom and dad complain.

Bogart at Good Microbrew

Anyhow… I got to meet another little cutie, this time a mini Schnauzer. She had the coolest eyebrows, I was really impressed, and of course since she thought I was tall, dark and handsome, I was intrigued. There was lots of table-to-table sniffing going on, and we shared a few bones that the waitress brought for us. I even showed the waitress how I can shake paws – she didn’t believe it at first – but get me sitting down and then say “Guten Tag” and up goes my paw. Say “Auf Wiedersehn” and up goes my other paw. Say “High Five” and I’ll give ya five. Earned me another bone so I was a happy camper.

Bogart at Good Microbrew

I’m not a performing monkey, I’m a performing junkie (when treats are involved)!



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3 thoughts on “Performing Monkey”

  1. bogart, i know you are not a performing monkey but i would love to see you doing it on video though.

    wet wet licks


  2. Hey Bogart,
    You are such a movie star, hehehe! Glad to hear the poop category is in working order again. Too bad you keep getting tummy aches. That’s no fun at all. Hope you stay feeling better.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

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