Sick Bogie

Gosh I just haven’t felt like posting for a few days… I’ve had another tummy bug. This time mom and dad decided to take the bull by the proverbial horns and do some intestinal work themselves.

Sick Bogie

So I had to starve for two days.

Two WHOLE days.

48 long hours.

Did I mention it was for a really, really long time with little explanation?

Oh, and that the cats got to eat during my torture?

Sick Bogie

Well, actually as bad as it was, I do feel a LOT better today. They’ve started with the activated charcoal pills and today I got 3 small meals of boiled chicken and rice (not normally a tasty dish but today — super yummo).

Bogart at the Park

Bogart at the Park

Bogart at the Park

And I got to run around in the park with Heidi – we met up with some other dogs, I wasn’t feeling like I had to be the “top dog” or anything so we all got along.  It wasn’t too warm and it was fun!

Bogart at the Park

Bogart at the Park

She’s a good-looking Boxer, isn’t she?  She’s really hard to catch on camera, she moves around a LOT, she’s not really into “posing” like I do.  But she is a VERY talented pawsonal trainer, she kicks my butt regularly!

Bogart Sleeping

Time to rest again after all that incredible exertion… see you all tomorrow!



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2 thoughts on “On the Mend… Again”

  1. bogart, sorry about your tummy. sucks isn’t it? mom starved me for 3 whole days when i refused to eat my meal last year. yeah, i know the feeling. so when mom starting to feed me again, everything that i refuse suddenly look extra yummy.

    wet wet licks


  2. Oh Bogart, not more poorly tummy! What’s going on? Glad the starvation and boiled rice worked though despite it not being nice to be on non selfinposed hunger strike!

    Oscar x

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