RIP Fufu

I’ve just found out that our favorite hamsterrier (and honorary Dog with Blog) Fufu has passed on.  Looking at Fufu’s blog always made me smile, he was one helluva hamster, and always had the best toys!

I’m happy to hear that he wasn’t sick or suffering, and that he passed in his sleep.  Run free wild hamsterrier, WE WILL MISS YOU



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5 thoughts on “RIP Fufu”

  1. Oh, how sad… 🙁

    But the name of my cat is also Fufu… I´ve never heard that anyone else have this name 😀 !

    Many greetings from Germany,

  2. aawww how sad at least he wasnt suffering God bless Fufu i will miss u u look so cute in that little car LOVE YOU!!! 😀

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