I Oughta Be in Pictures

First of all I must interrupt our regular Aire-gramming with an important announcement:


A big ‘ol tootsie roll, no pudding on the side, no gravy. GO INTESTINES!!!!!

And now back to our story, already in progress…

I Oughta Be in Pictures

For lunch mom wanted to go somewhere we hadn’t been for awhile, and thought that Los Feliz might be fun. Oops – lunchtime on a nice day in a trendy area, mom you should know better! On top of everything there was a movie filming right on the street we wanted to have lunch so that made parking a bitch (and not the cuddly female kind either). Luckily mom figured that if we just drove off the beaten path a little, we could find a spot and suddenly there it was… and in the shade, no less!

I Oughta Be in Pictures

There were trucks everywhere, people everywhere, even this fake NYC bus, and it seemed like everyone was talking at the same time to different people on their cell phones. No worries for me, I’m just happy to be here!

I Oughta Be in Pictures

We stopped for lunch at a little sushi place – mom was sooooo happy to get a table out front at this tiny place where the sushi is good and really cheap. And the people watching is primo! I watched her eat her lunch with disinterest as there was nothing on there that I was even remotely interested in sniffing, much less eating. Silly vegetarian.

I Oughta Be in Pictures

But like I said the people watching was particularly good as there were sooooo many people walking around who were working on the movie. A lot of people stopped to pet me, smiled as they walked by, and one lady even showed mom a picture of her two pugs back home… ah, all warm and fuzzy.

But here was the best part – two people were driving by us and they yelled out the window that they had 2 Airedales!!! Woo-hoo Airedale people!!! Mom was giving them the thumbs up and I was smiling. Then the man got out of the car and came over to me to chat and give some Aire-dmiration… you can tell Airedale people when the first thing they notice is a nice, wiry coat and some darkness to the tan parts… I was having so much fun with him that I even posed for some photos with him…

I Oughta Be in Pictures

I Oughta Be in Pictures

Don’t we look good together? And even better, he knows mom’s friend Mareike, the lady who has the 3 Airedales that I visit all the time.  Mom gave him my business card so he can see the cool pictures of us… I’m smelling a big Aire-get-together sometime in the future!!!!!

I Oughta Be in Pictures

On the way back to the Bogie-Beetle, mom saw this kitty sitting in a pot on a porch. She thought he was amusing, I thought he just wanted to sleep so I dragged mom back to the car.  You know I love my kitties!!!

Then home for a little rest which I actually needed after all the excitement.

And of course a boy needs a little bit of daily structured exercise, so off we went to Heidi’s house for my workout! Lately we’ve been concentrating on my “distraction” levels, that is, she runs around and around in circles and I have to follow closely behind. Around the house, out the dog door, outside of the house, it’s challenging, but she manages to make it fun. My Boxer pawsonal trainer…




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2 thoughts on “Ready for My Closeup”

  1. I’m glad my crazy mum isn’t the only one who loves meeting other “Airedale People”!

    What a shame you didn’t get offered a walk on part in the movie Bogart. They missed out there big time!

    Oscar x

  2. Hey Bogart,
    We’re so happy your poo is normal & back on schedule! Nothing like a good poo, hehehehe! Gee, you guys sure have some fun outings. Iowa is so boring……..
    You should have gone up to the movie director & asked if you could star in the film!! Let us know if you get to meet up with your new aire friends.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

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