Since my butt isn’t healing itself, mom bundled me up in the Bogie-Beetle this morning and off we went – bright and early – to the vet.  She’s a SMART mom, she remembered to bring a special “sample” for him that I gladly produced first thing.  Hot off the presses, as it were..

I don’t really have a fear of the vet, I just get nervous in the waiting room.  So many animals, today there were dogs, cats, and even a rabbit!  Gets my juices going.  And apparently they had a few emergencies, so we had to wait longer than usual in the waiting room.  Mom brought me outside for a couple of quick poops so that I didn’t get too anxious…

And then it was my turn in the exam room.  We have a really nice vet who doesn’t force me to get up on the table for everything… makes it much easier for me that way.  He was happy that we brought the “sample” with us (and me too – much nicer than something up my butt, thank you very much) and they’ll be doing some tests.  They gave mom some medicine that I have to take for the next week or so (which may change depending on what they find out tomorrow) but I think it’s already working… I already slept in the car on the way home (and I haven’t slept much at all in the last few days) and I’m feeling a little zonked right now.

So thanks everyone for the get well wishes, I’m working hard on feeling better!!!



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4 thoughts on “Vet Day!”

  1. Glad you have managed to get some rest. Hope the medicine continues to do its stuff & that the tets find out what’s going on & the best way to get you properly fit again! Take it easy Bogie!

    Oscar x

  2. Sorry to hear about your “brick”. That must really be uncomfortable. Well, hope that trip to the vet does the trick for you.

    The FleasGang

  3. Poor Bogart! Sowwieee you are so sick pal. Mama was sick yesterday plus she took me Butchy to the vet yesterday for shots & Snickers had to go today. We love to go to our vet. We sure hope you don’t have anything wrong. How come you don’t sleep? When you sleep, you don’t feel sick. Maybe your insides are gurgling & it keeps you awake?? Sure hope you get better soon. If you feel up to it, please see our post on how to vote for me Butchy at WikiFido in the Perfect Pooch contest. You have up to the 30th to vote, so no hurry.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

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