Sorry I haven’t been in the mood to post for a coupla days… after The Brick I felt better, but then things started to get weird…

I’ve had pretty funky diarrhea, which is always fun.  Mom shaved my butt yesterday to help out with this situation (actually it looks and feels pretty good) and yesterday was gravy, today is pudding.  So it’s progress.

But the weirdest part is when I’m inside our apartment… I stare off into space and don’t want to lie down.  For the whole day.  Sometimes I stand still and just zone out, other times I walk back and forth between the front door and the terrace door.  And just stare.  Mom kept thinking that I would lay down and fall asleep since I wasn’t feeling well, but I don’t.  I STAND UP.  When I’m outside, I run and play like normal, so it seems like I’m feeling fine…. yes I know, it’s WEIRD.

Since today I got a little better mom said we’ll wait to see if I really need to go to the vet.  If I cannot relax, then we’ll go tomorrow.  Ok, gotta bug mom now – I want to go outside every 15 minutes or so and this 15 minutes is up!



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2 thoughts on “Not Right… Yet”

  1. Oh Bogie, sounds like you’re still feeling pretty rough. I’m sure mum wil take you to the vet if she’s worried & they’ll get to the, ahem, bottom of it..sorry, just trying to make you smile.

    Oscar x

  2. hey bogie,

    please let us know if you are still not feeling well. i wonder if you are able to go to sleep at night. do u have problem sleeping at nite?

    wet wet licks


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