A great surprise this fine Sunday morning…

Mom and I slept in late (which is REALLY unusual for me, but since dad has been gone I’ve been sleeping in bed next to mom and she’s WARM), then had to go out to pick up a friend of hers at the airport. I wasn’t that thrilled about having to drive out to the airport again (no Airedales at the Aireport) especially since I hadn’t had my morning poop yet, but ok, I’m up for the adventure.

I thought we’d just pick him up and drive home, but after we dropped him off mom took a different route toward home… hm, why have I been here before? Where are we headed? And then mom pulled into a parking spot.


I got so excited in the car I couldn’t stand it. Get me outa this car I was barking!!! My Dale buddies are just inside!!! I flew out of the car toward her house – I have no idea how I remembered which house was hers – and flew up the stairs.

Day with the Dales

Day with the Dales

Day with the Dales

And there were my buddies!!!!! Robin, Kermit, and Jupie!!!!! Whenever we first see each other we run, jump, bark, and run some more first inside the house and then into the back yard. Mom and Mareike sit and talk and I immediately find Jupie so that I can get a little humping in.

Day with the Dales

This time I didn’t completely monopolize Jupie’s fine Aire-butt, I spent some time trying to convince both Robin and Kermit to take a walk on the wild side (ahem, they’re both boys…) but no dice.

Day with the Dales

There was also a sweet guest dog named Buster who I wasn’t sure about at first… but pretty quickly it became apparent that he was both sweet and submissive so as long as I can feel like “I have the nuts so I am the king” all was well.

Then we walked over to have lunch at Good Microbrew and my love for Mareike was strengthened. Many, many pieces of lovely burger fell from the sky directly into my mouth. I even indulged in some french fries. I had to hold the line when she tried to trick me into eating a tomato slice or some iceberg lettuce. If you’re not gonna eat that then neither am I!!!

Day with the Dales

I’m always sad when we have to leave Mareike’s house, I have THE BEST time playing with my Dale buddies. I came home and flopped down, completely exhausted, where I have been for the last few hours (I may wake up to eat dinner, maybe not).

H-a-p-p-y P-u-p-p-y



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4 thoughts on “Aire-fun”

  1. Hey Bogart,
    You had a way better Sunday than we did. It was cold & raining here, nothin to do. All we did was lay around the house. We didn’t even get any deer burger. Whatever happened with the fire?? Hope your Papa comes home soon.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers
    PS Mama is asking the MSN terrier group she is in about a home food diet for dogs than get pancreatitis. She’ll let you know what she finds out. Our Papa had a pancreatitis attack when he was 21. It was really bad, but luckily he got to the hospital in time. He hasn’t had an attack since (cause they told him it was from drinking beer & he had to stop, so he did)

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