Bogart Best in Show Myspace


Of course I have my own page on MySpace… and I was entered in the MySpace Dog Show in the Terrier category. Each breed has 2 winners – one who gets the most votes and then the dog of the opposite sex who gets the most votes… in the Airedale Terrier category, a pretty girl named Missy won first place and I won Best of Opposite Sex!!!!

I couldn’t tell any of my blogging buddies about it because the voting had to be fair – no stumping for votes. But now that it’s over I just wanna tell everybody how COOL I feel today!!!!

If you have a MySpace page too, drop by and lets be friends!



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2 thoughts on “Best in Show”

  1. Wow Bogart! That is so cool that you won. Mama has a myspace page, but never does anything on it. She mainly just has it to post links to our blogs & her dog clothes. But we will make her check out yours today! We should make Mama turn her page into a page for us, tee hee!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs to the sexy boy!
    Butchy & Snickers

  2. I don’t get this, so if you won best of same sex would it mean you were gay?

    Bussie Kissies

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