More wacky Airedale digging fun… I’m still on the hunt for the elusive gopher that has repeatedly escaped me, ready to dig to China if necessary!

Keep an eye out right at the very end of the video for a big cloud of dirt flying at the camera – mom is pretty sure that’s the puff of earth that got into the lens of her camera and jammed it all up (looks like she’s gonna have to pull out the old camera for awhile)…



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2 thoughts on “Can You Dig It?”

  1. Oops to the camera, but really…if mum’s going to repeatedly poke that camera at you when there’s work to be done, eventually something’s going to happen to it. Not your fault really is it?

    Yeah, I reckon the race is on to see who gets their rabbit or gopher first!

    We say dig to Australia in the UK, whereas you say China, hehehe!

    Oscar x

  2. oh bogart, the dirt digging king! i hope the camera isn’t really spoiled like you WISH!

    wet wet licks


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