It was a TOUGH decision for me to pick my Valentines this year… mom gave me kind of a limit (ok, lets just say that there were going to be a LOT more packages going out, and since I didn’t become rich and famous and start bringing home the bacon – mmm, bacon – I had to limit myself).

So this year my special gals are:

Miss Sunshade the Superdale

Miss Maggie

Miss Lillie

Miss Faya

Miss Snickers

I sent my packages this past week – I hope you get ’em soon! My apologies if they arrive after the big day (of course that’s mom’s fault).

But even tho I had to choose only a few, I want everyone to know that I LOVE ALL OF THE DOG BLOGGING LADIES, and will happily be the Valentine of anyone who asks.

So to my Special Ladies, WILL YOU BE MY VALENTINE?



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