Sunshade Valentine

To my beautiful dreamgirl,

Today I received your Valentine’s Day card and my heart started thumping.  The fact that you had pawsonally signed it got me so excited…

I know I’m not much of a poet or anything, but I did send off a little something to you as well… I hope you receive it soon and that you’ll be my Valentine!

Sunshade Valentine Sunshade Valentine Sunshade Valentine

After I opened your card, dad gave me a piece of roast beef – supposedly for us to “share”.  So first I bit off half, saving half for you, then it fell on my nose so I had to eat the whole thing.  I know you would understand.



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2 thoughts on “To Miss Sunshade, My Valentine”

  1. Ooh, a Valentine from your Sweetheart Sunshade, how exciting! I sent a card to my Swiss Miss Faya, shh, it’s a secret. Ooh, I’m all embarrassed now, blush, blush.

    Oscar x

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