Aire Dry

Harumph… Shower Day. It was dark, gloomy, and relatively cold here in Los Angeles and for some crazy reason dad got it into his head that it would be a good day to bathe me (Again!!! It wasn’t THAT long ago that I had my last bath!!! And I’m not even THAT stinky!!!). They kind of fooled me because usually when mom calls and tries to lead me into the shower I figure it out – and resist. But today I had no warning, there was no talking of baths, no arranging of shampoos.

Mom did take a video but then she decided that it looked EXACTLY like the one that she took the last time I had a bath (again – NOT THAT LONG AGO). So no video.

Bogie's Rat Bogie's Rat

Needless to say I was a bit traumatized – and had to run around the apartment furiously to dry myself on any and everything I could find. Once I had done several Aire-laps, mom held out my current favorite toy – my stuffed rat – and it soothed me. I grasped the furry rat in my powerful jaws and could no longer feel the water on my skin and all was well.

Mom and dad began to pack up like they were going somewhere, and hey, if you’re going out then I’m going with you! Especially now, you guys owe me! (I can still work the wet street urchin dog look when I’m just out of the shower). So yes, I got to go along, and we drove up to KC’s house. Dad got out, I tried to get out too, but mom pulled me back. Hey? What’s with that? I usually get to go with dad and run around in the backyard…

Bogie Burger

But mom had another plan. Since dad was going to be gone all day (for some strange reason that she wouldn’t tell me) and mom had to do some errands in the car, she pulled into our local Jack in the Box. Oh yesssssss! I know what that means!!!! Junior Bacon Double Cheeseburger with no sauce for the young stud please! I tried to order myself but apparently my voice was rather loud and booming inside the headset of the poor drive through worker so I had to let mom order for me. That’s ok I guess, she knows what to order for me.

And once again, the proper way to eat a burger:

Bogie Burger

Assume the position

Bogie Burger

Burger falls from sky, wrapper opens like placemat

Bogie Burger Bogie Burger

Meat patty first

Bogie Burger

Then top bun

Bogie Burger

Then bottom bun

Aire Dry

Time to go home to digest and fully Aire-dry…



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