Bogart's Sunday

Sunday seems to be a day of relative happiness for the humans – I don’t recall a lot of chores being done, and most of the places we go are pretty fun. At first I thought we wouldn’t be doing too much (because mom slept until 10:30 – well, after taking me out for my morning constitutional at 6:30), but I was mistaken.

On the way to the grocery store, mom got hungry. Seems she forgot to eat something before we left (did I mention she woke up at 10:30?) and we were conveniently passing Rally’s so we made a U-turn (even though she gave me fair warning I still tossed around in the back seat of the Bogie Beetle) and suddenly we were at RALLY’S!

Now I’m here to give a little information to my fellow doggies. I’ve eaten many Rally burgers now, and have a little insight into proper Rally-Burger-Eating-Etiquette.

Proper Begging Position

First, this is the proper burger begging position. No others will do. It works every time, without fail, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Bogart Rally Burger

Next, wait for the burger to magically fall to the ground, opened, with it’s wrapper a kind of placemat for you. It generally takes a few seconds for mom to snap off a few photos at this point, but basically once that burger makes landfall, it’s YOURS.

Bogart Rally Burger Bogart Rally Burger

Now this is important – use your nose to push off the top of the bun. Proceed to eat the meaty goodness in between, being sure not to mix meat patty and bottom bun together.

Bogart Rally Burger Bogart Rally Burger

Once this is inhaled, eat bottom of bun (more meaty juices here than on the top of bun). You will notice that the texture of the bottom bun isn’t nearly as satisfying as the meat patty was, even though it has some of that meaty taste. Ignore, and keep chewing. Finally, gobble down the top of the bun which has generally migrated to the farthest corner of your Rallyburger-wrap-placemat. This will have pretty much no taste, but I hear the fiber is good for something.

Bogart Whole Foods Bogart Bogart Whole Foods

After this little diversion into burger heaven, we were back in the car and off to the supermarket. I led the way, as I often do, to the outdoor seating area where I could be admired with dad and mom could go in and buy whatever humans buy at supermarkets (other than dog and cat food, that is).

There was a Petco nearby, and we stopped in for a brief lookaround. I was fascinated because today they had a cat adoption area, and started barking loudly. The ladies with the cats first looked at me with disdain, but then mom explained that the reason I was barking was because I LOVE CATS and that we have 4 at home. This made her smile and all of a sudden I held the golden ticket to the cat cage area. I gave them all a good sniff and while I can’t say that I made any new friends (except for one cat named Cowboy who at least gave me a good sniff before hissing) I had a blast. No pictures because mom had to hold me pretty tight because I was determined to see all of the kitties.

Bogart Bogart Bogart

So once outside, she took a few shots in a more easy-going fashion. Definitely a fun day, I gotta go sleep now for a bit before my dinner arrives…



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3 thoughts on “The Sunday Adventures”

  1. Wow Bogart, such a fun day. We got dumped on by the snow! It’s almost as high as the top of our backs. We did have fun trying to run & play in it and burying our faces sniffing for mousies, but Mama wasn’t happy. She wanted to go out to eat at her favorite restaurant, but no go. Too much snow she said. So we have been couch taters today, hehehehe.
    Luv & Wirey hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  2. hey bogart, damn you make me drool while reading! i’m so embarrasses coz i was caught drooling by mom!

    wet wet licks


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