Where's Heidi?

Dad and I have been going over almost every day to Heidi’s house… and she ISN’T THERE!  I look around and around and around and haven’t found her.

Where's Heidi? Where's Heidi?

I have done major toy redistribution and reassignment and still NO HEIDI.

Where's Heidi? Where's Heidi?

Dad said something about Heidi and her dad and mom going to Florida for a month or so… why would they do that?  I mean, without telling me and allowing me to adequately prepare for her absence?

Where's Heidi? Where's Heidi?

Really mom and dad, DO YOU WANT ME TO GET FLABBY without my pawsonal trainer???




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6 thoughts on “Where’s Heidi?”

  1. no pawsonal training anymore! ok ok, you look pretty fit for me. since you are bored, why not walk to sunshade’s home and play with her. i bet she’s bored to death for no internet access now.

    wet wet licks


  2. Yeah if I’d have known that Sunshade would have been out of commission for this long I definitely would have gotten mom to take me on a long walk up to Vancouver! I’m sure that she and I could have made the time pass more quickly…. 🙂


  3. Heidi’s here in Florida starting a subtropical fitness craze?!?!?! Lemme put on my jogging suit and get ready! Gotta look up her tour dates….

    Bussie Kissies

  4. Yep, Heidi has a second little pied a terre in Key West…

    And I do think that a regular Snickersise class may be in order !!! Maybe you could make those classes available online so we could all follow along….


  5. Hey Bogart,
    Sorry Heidi is not around for you, boo hoo! You should join Snickers’ Snickersizing class. That way you can still get a workout. Snickers is currently working on her class agenda. Should be done soon.
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

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