Bogart Handsome Devil

Wow, almost a WHOLE WEEK with no one taking pictures of me… that was surreal.

Believe it or not, mom finally found the camera card and guess where it was? It had fallen behind the overflowing laundry basket (I told you mom…. if you’d just let me get those extra panties and socks out of the way sooner you would have found it!!!). So I’m back in business…

Bogart at Kehoe Mountain Bogart at Kehoe Mountain Bogart at Kehoe Mountain

First order of the day – taking care of the yard at Kehoe Mountain. Heidi and her humans are back in Florida for awhile, so dad and I are in charge of taking care of the yard while they’re gone.

Bogart at Kehoe Mountain Bogart at Kehoe Mountain Bogart at Kehoe Mountain

Dad does most of the watering, I do most of the toy relocation.

Bogart at ARCO Bogart at ARCO Bogart at ARCO

Today we had a nice lunch walking around The Grove – that’s an outdoor mall here in Los Angeles – and it was the first time that dad experienced the frenzy that develops every time I go out in public wearing my Doggles. I think even he was impressed. We walked through the street and of course everyone was either smiling, taking a cell phone picture, giggling, or pointing at ME. I’m used to it by now, but it was new for dad. Mom has already seen it all and so she just helped to direct our little party over toward Johnny Rockets for some lunch.

Bogart at The Grove Bogart at The Grove Bogart at The Grove

Lunch was yummy but then it was time to walk through the street again which of course was even more fun… by now I was pretty sick of the Doggles and I’ve found that a very effective method of removing them from my eyes (but not from my head, damnit) is to wiggle my head between mom’s knees – works pretty well except once she caught onto me. So I tried it with random strangers – with conflicting results.

Bogart at ARCO Bogart at ARCO Bogart at ARCO

After all that fun we had to refill the gas tank on the Bogie-mobile, so I allowed mom to take care of that while I got into the drivers seat, ready to drive us home.

Bogart at ARCO Bogart at ARCO

Mom thought that was pretty funny but hey, I was SERIOUS.

Airedale Taxi Airedale Taxi

Mom also finally got around to snapping some photos of me in the Bogie-Beetle with my new Airedale Taxi sign (from my dreamgirl, Sunshade) – I think it’s appropriate!

It’s good to be back…



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6 thoughts on “He’s Back!”

  1. Doggle frenzy, I know it well. One time some people were looking at me in the convertible and pointing at them, and ended up rear ending the car in front of them!

    Bussie Kissies

  2. Nice Airedale Taxi Bogart! Glad you have your camera back too. We love to see pictures of you, you handsome devil, hehehehehe!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  3. I’m glad your mommy found her card! My mommy wouldn’t know what to do if she couldn’t take a bajillion pictures of me. Your blog wouldn’t be the same without your handsome face!
    You’ve got great wheels Bogart!

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