Well 2007 started off with a BANG for me last night… at exactly 12:00 mom and I were watching the ball drop on TV and then B-O-O-M – the shooting started.  Yes folks, here in Los Angeles people actually shoot guns into the air to celebrate stuff.  I was only starting to get my head around the idea that humans are stupid enough to play with those nasty fireworks-things and now this.  Luckily mom had anticipated this, and took me out for my last peepee walk at about 11:45.  And even more oddly – the shooting was one of the only things that the folks here in Los Angeles do on time.

So of course mom wanted to take some photos of me in front of the television – watching that giant shiny ball slowly move down toward Times Square, but NO – guess what the excuse is now?  Somehow – IN THE HOUSE – mom has managed to lose the memory card for the camera.  And somehow – AGAIN – the camera’s internal memory has started to malfunction so that it can only be usable with the memory card.  That she lost.  In the house.  Did I mention we live in a small apartment?  That she somehow lost it within a room or two?  Hopefully she’ll remedy this little situation soon… it will be worth her while of course, I won’t force her to sit at the computer creating these lovely Photoshops – which will free up some time for her to work on some memory exercises.

Silly mom.

Bogart Sunshade 2007

In the meanwhile, I had mom put together this picture for me – sort of a “dream date” as it were – of me and Miss Sunshade together in Times Square for New Years Eve 2007… no, I have no idea why she chose this particular photo with the funny hats and the funny 2007 glasses on the people, ahem, I mean on us



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2 thoughts on “Forget-full”

  1. The golden couple!

    Bussie Kissies

    PS – my Mom can’t find the new camera since we got back from our mini vacation. Wimmin!

  2. Very cute picture Bogart! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Sorry this is late, Mama has been really sick. She’s still not too good. Hope you have a new wonderful year!!!!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

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