Bogart at Lovebirds

It appears that this Christmas thing is rapidly approaching, which means that there are LOTS of chores to be done.  Well no better than the Aire Force (ahem, that’s me) to help get your chores done in style

First we had to fight our way into the post office – no one even noticed me this time to kick me out or ask what I was doing in there which made mom’s life a little easier.  As I’ve already been there I wasn’t that fascinated with anything, so it was easy to be relatively calm.

Bogart at Lovebirds Bogart at Lovebirds Bogart at Lovebirds

After the first battle, a little lunch was in order at the Lovebirds Cafe.

Bogart at Lovebirds Bogart at Lovebirds

I was the good protector of the table and of mom (occasionally jumping into her lap – she thinks it’s hilarious so I do that for her from time to time), watching out to make sure that no strangers got too close (that didn’t have any food for me).

Bogart at Jiffy Lube Bogart at Jiffy Lube

Then we had to carefully approach the great evil-doer, Jiffy Lube.  Yes, the ones who provide my Bogie Beetle with it’s vital fluids on a tri-monthly-ish basis.  Usually they don’t let me sit inside but today mom put on her very own version of the puppy dog eyes (see, it works for ANYONE) and she and I sat watching old reruns of I Love Lucy until they had done their evil work.  Luckily they didn’t suggest any pricey extras like they usually do, or I would have had to go into full Evil Dale mode…

As a final stop, we pulled into the Petco parking lot.  Wheeee!  Me love Petco.  I slide around the floor like it’s an ice skating rink and I can see cats in boxes.  Then I can try to steal bones out of bins conveniently (perhaps stupidly) placed at dog-nose height.  Nothing looked that appetizing today however, so I just peed in two places.  Now Petco used to have these little cleaning stations – you know, some paper towels and spray cleaner and plastic baggies with a little trash can – on the ends of their aisles but not any more at this particular Petco… mom had to run around actually asking for something to clean up my pee.  The workers looked confused.  Yes, I peed on your floor and now mom is being a good mom and wants to clean it up.  Why is that so hard to understand?  Anyway someone finally showed up with paper towels from the bathroom (no spray cleaner) so mom wiped up the pee and then she had to ask again for a plastic baggie.  Luckily she’s relatively quick so before he could get away she asked where the trash was.  Oddly there is no trash can available for the general public (???) (don’t they know who I am???) so she pawned it off on the lucky clerk.  Amazing.

Then I got to run a bit in the park with Heidi and dad, which is always fun.  A little exercise like that (running up hills, trying to stop her from biting my face) always tuckers me out.

So I guess I can get back to the important stuff – trying to get to my presents under that tree.



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