Aire Treats

You know, I never noticed this before… not only is there a suspiciously-Airedale-looking terrier on the box of Nutro treats but each one has an Airedale profile stamped into it! Mmmmmm….. And look how well-trained I have gotten mom – all I have to do is put on “the face” and she first opens the…


Tagged Again!

I’ve been tagged by my dreamgirl Sunshade for the Christmas tagging game: Here are the rules: The player of this game starts with “3 things he/she would love to get for Christmas” and also has to list “3 things he/she definitely does not want to get for Christmas”. Then he/she tags 5 friends and list…


Holiday Photos on WikiFido!

Hey everybody, if you’re not a member over at Wikifido then get your paws over there now and create your page!  They’re also having a Holiday Photo Contest where we could all win cool prizes!!!! Just don’t be cuter than mine, ok? Love, Bogart

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