Bogart Xmas Cards

So today I FINALLY got mom to finish up all of my Xmas cards… I didn’t wanna be late! I’m already getting cards so I thought that she should just get off of her butt, stop doing all that “work” stuff, and get my cards finished.

Bogart Xmas Cards

She tried to argue with me that she was sooooo busy, that it was sooooo much work, but I wasn’t having any of that.

Bogart Xmas Cards Bogart Xmas Cards Bogart Xmas Cards

Today the big announcement came – “The cards are ready”! So off we went to the post office to mail ’em. I insisted on doing this myself – they are MY cards after all – and luckily the guy in the post office was cool.

Bogart Xmas Cards

Well not at first… I had to do my patented move – sit, cock head to one side, lift eyebrow – and mom had to get all girlie on him, but then it was fine. So I got to personally mail all of the cards – hope you guys love them!!! I know I love getting mine!!!!



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3 thoughts on “The Cards are in the Mail!”

  1. Hey Bogart,
    Mama just wants to smooch your cute nose in the first picture, hehehehe! Wow, personally mailed cards by you! So cool! Snickers & I mailed the ones that could go into our home mailbox, but Mama had to do the others that go out of country at the Post Office. We can hardly wait to get your card!!!
    Luv & Wirey Hugs!
    Butchy & Snickers

  2. hey bogart,

    i’m glad you receive my card. i hope nothing fall off from the card. those hearts and flowers (not sure which one you got coz all are different) are paw-made!

    i’m checking my mail box everyday. hopefully i’ll get yours next week!

    wet wet licks


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