Bogart Helps Out

I really like to help around the house when I can. If I’m not sleeping, eating, or trying to get the humans to take me outside, I’m generally interested in making their lives a little easier.

Bogart Helps Out Bogart Helps Out Bogart Helps Out

Take this afternoon for example. Mom had to sort socks and I thought I would help.

Bogart Helps Out Bogart Helps Out Bogart Helps Out

I guess that mom thought my helping was a little “too good” so we decided to take a little break and head out for some lunch at the Good Microbrew in Silverlake.

Bogart at Good Microbrew in Silverlake Bogart at Good Microbrew in Silverlake Bogart at Good Microbrew in Silverlake

Today it was “okay”, nothing special, no special admirers other than a little baby who cried when I licked his face.  Ungrateful tiny human!

Kafka the Cat Approves

When I got home I told my entire tale about the ungrateful baby to my buddy Kafka the tabby… I told him that I had had some far more devious ideas of what to do with the little vibrating bag of squeals and was basically confessing my evil thoughts… and Kafka just smiled as if to say, “my dear canine, we all have thoughts like that from time to time… and it’s always best to act on them only when there is absolutely no chance of getting caught or if there is a convenient canine – uh, I mean other creature – to blame it on”.

Bogart Helps Out



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6 thoughts on “Helping Out and Hanging Out”

  1. Hey Bogart, I can’t believe that the sticky little human cried when you licked its face. I’d love to get a kiss from you! Cool picture of Kafka. He’s a very handsome cat. Why don’t your kitty sibs have a blog?

  2. Y’know Bogart, babies cry as a form of admiration. And then when they start toddling around, the fall over in awe at a dog’s presence.

    So, did the kid have anything yummy on it’s face?

    Bussie Kissies

  3. Good for you helping out around the house Bogart–you know, maybe I should tell the people that’s what I’m doing when I surf the counters–helping them clean up. Also, excellent work with the tiny person–you know we had a toddler visiting and she screamed everytime I came to lick her face. Maybe they just aren’t that highly evolved?


  4. Buster: Yes it was something tomato-sauce-y. Was delicious.

    Bailey/Tashy/Maddie: Thanks!!!!

    Ann: I’d kiss you anytime! And the cats spend most of their time sleeping, they’re not that interested in blogging. That’s why I include them on my blog because I think they’re FANTASTIC!


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