Bogie Nose

I’m adding some new links to other dog’s blogs – yes yes yes I know, why would you need any other blogs when you have mine – but these are all fantastic and fun with lots of pictures and stuff.

I do read about other dogs, how else am I supposed to learn about all the things I’ll need as a grown-up dog?  Mom is a cat person and hasn’t had a dog of her own since she was little (and – ahem – she’s a girl), and dad is well, human, so he’s not that much help with the finer points of being a male dog.

So there’s nothing like learning about important life lessons – sex, drugs, & rock and roll – from your friends on the internet.  Feel free to teach me, oh my furry posse!

So for anyone who has a dog (or cat!) blog who wants to be linked here, just drop my typing slave mom a line ( and I’ll get a link up to you asap.  Please link back to me too!



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5 thoughts on “My Blogging Peeps”

  1. Hey bogart, just to drop by saying I LOVE BOGART!

    My Mi and me read your blog daily coz Bogart is one handsome devil!

  2. Hi Bogart !!

    Nice blog you have here.

    Well, actually, my purpose here is to confused you. I see you got a friend name Boo. Well, guess what, my name is Boo Boo ….. Confusing, yeah?

    Hey Boo, this is Boo Boo here 🙂

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