Peking Dog

Well, mom and dad have some more friends visiting and they’re really nice! The girl is from China and they all went out to dinner to a Chinese restaurant (no Bogart invite, ok maybe I take back a little of their being so nice-ness). But luckily dad is a fast thinker. He managed to score some Peking Duck for me to try.

Peking Dog Peking Dog Peking Dog

After watching the ducks all the time at the lake I admit to a certain curiousity about what they taste like (hey, I’m a dog).

Peking Dog

I knew that I was attracted to them somehow, that there was a special something there about the ducks…

Peking Dog Peking Dog

Pleased to say that Peking Duck is probably the yummiest thing I’ve tried so far. I completely scarfed down my “doggie bag” (a special bag all for MEEEEEE) that was on top of my lowly canned dinner and then went looking for more. My portion was a bit paltry for a big dog, dad. Maybe next time you’ll remember that…



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6 thoughts on “Peking Dog”

  1. oh dear bogart..did your dad explain that peking duck and duck at park dont taste the same…and when our canadian geese stop by…if they ever do…they taste really awful…so dont go tasting the…..but congrats on scoring the doggy bag…i usually get the steak bones and half of moms steak when they go out…

  2. Hi Bogie,

    Our friend Pippin was thinking of shuting down the blog, due to lack of interest, which is not really what we like to see at D.W.B. So we were hoping you could lend some of your “Star-Power” to help bring some traffic. Pippins blog is at:

    This has also inspired a movement called “Paw-It-Forward” whereby we all go to 5 dog blogs we have never looked at before and leave a comment.
    We have made a page at
    Our artwork uses your image because you are a true star!
    (If you would prefer we take it down just let us know and we will remove it)

    Thanks Buddy,

    Your Ol Pal Chuck

    P.S. I hope your doin ok in the heat – we hear its pretty brutal!

  3. HI Bogart,

    I love your site. I’m sure you’re a lot nicer than the Welsh terrier I know, but you sure do look a lot like him. You’re lucky your people let you have some peking duck.

  4. Well, mom tried to explain that peking duck and ducks at the park don’t taste the same… but I didn’t believe her. There are geese there too as well as pigeons and seagulls, how do they taste MJ? I trust your taste buds more than moms…


  5. Hey Bogart!
    Doodles loves Chinese foods and I love duck, but I never had Peking Duck. Right now I am waiting for the quail birds to walk in to my mouths. They are tasty too. WooWoo

  6. Hiya Dusty,

    So far I like pretty much every food that comes from the humans plates – not so much what comes out of the can with the dog on it. Come on over, I’ll score some more Peking duck sometime!


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