Hi Bogie

What a relief!

I was really starting to think that mom was full of baloney when she said that yes, it would eventually not be ten thousand degrees outside (and inside) every single day for the rest of time.  Today it was actually overcast until about early afternoon which made it much much much more comfortable than it’s been.  Also something about lower humidity (which I admit I do not understand at all) made it nicer to be, well, ME.

I had to literally drag mom outside for the midday walk because I wasn’t feeling like just running outside to pee like I’ve been doing lately (it being so very hot and all).  No camera of course, just me frolicking with 2 doggie buddies Lulu & Harry.  It’s so much fun to be a puppy sometimes…

Hi Bogie

And – ahem – no foxtails to pick out of my paws today!!!



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3 thoughts on “The Heat Finally Breaks!!!”

  1. parker says: i’ve never met you but since i’m a terrier too and since we might be around the same age – and since it’s SO hard for me to find someone to play with (though these dogs are cool – they can be a bit boring for a yound hip irish terrie like mw) i was hoping we could maybe meet?
    maybe you can come over to my foster mom’s house sometime — they can all stay inside and even if they want to be outside – we can ignore them like they ignore me when i want to play.
    regardless, my foster mom wanted me to tell you that a whole bunch of humans want to come over and hang out and cook you dinner since Klaus can’t come out to play in the human way (how do human’s play – do you so NO BITE to each other too?)
    -parker via jen via parker

  2. please ignore my mom’s (my foster mom’s) spelling mistakes…..she had a bit too many glasses of wine last night……maybe i should try to be better and then should wouldn’t have to drink so much.

  3. Heehee, that happens around here too Parker! Can’t wait to meet you – I’m gonna have my mom talk with your mom so that we can get together sometime soon!!!


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