Bogart is Hot!

Mom was listening to old Cure songs today (what can I say, she’s an old Goth from way back) and the song Hot Hot Hot came on. My sentiments exactly.

Bogart is Hot! Bogart is Hot! Bogart is Hot!

It’s really getting hard to do anything other than the most basic things: sleeping, pooping, occasionally eating (unless it’s treats, that doesn’t count as basic that’s a requirement). Mom tried another of her great ideas which was to squirt me down from across the room with a water bottle to wet my fur. Yeah mom, I get it, it does kind of work but you look like a grinning hyena while you’re doing it so STOP!

Bogart is Hot!

There was one good thing that the heat inspired today. A few days ago Dad got a haircut and I’ve been very jealous of all the compliments he’s been getting lately whenever he hobbles out of the apartment. I kept looking at mom with my head tilted sideways, eyelashes batting, tongue hanging out so that I look like I’m smiling… I NEED THAT KIND OF ATTENTION AND I NEED IT NOW. So she finally got it, and took out a pair of scissors to clip a little around my neck and head so that I’d be a little more ‘rectangular’. It’s a bit cooler for me, which I love, and if I do say so myself I am looking rather ruggedly handsome…

But I’d look soooo much better if I wasn’t panting/sweating every minute of the day (and night – it’s even hot here at night when there’s no sun!!!!)… I was asking the cats about the heat, you know, maybe see how they’re able to handle it so well, and this is what Behemoth said:

Behemoth the cat Behemoth the cat

And this is what Kafka said:


So I think the general idea is to just sleep… and deal with it. Got it, thanks guys!



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3 thoughts on “Hot, Hot, Hot!”

  1. Bogie i think you are handsome with any kind of hair….dogs are like that…they dont really need haircuts to make people love them….it is still really hot here again today….Mommy took me to a new beach today…so fun…i raaaaan and araaaaaan and raaaaaaaan….

  2. Thanks guys! Mom keeps telling me that it WILL GET COOLER but I don’t think she believes it either… have a romp in the ocean for me today will ya MJ?


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