Bogart is Always Prepared

Wow, it feels like I’ve been away for A-G-E-S…

It’s just so darned hot here I can’t even think of things to do, much less to write about.  It’s not that my life isn’t incredibly exciting (of course it is), it’s just that the excitement has been tempered by my constant panting and sleeping in front of the fan.  I’m still getting in my daily time at the Echo Park Lake which is fun (before it gets too hot), and I’m quite good at carrying my own leash with leopard-print poopbag dispenser.

Just wanted to pop in and say hi to everyone!  I heard on the TV that hopefully this heat will begin to calm down sometime next week… it had better!!!!  Such a fine dog as myself is made to be SEEN!



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3 thoughts on “Always Prepared”

  1. Hi Bogey,

    I hope it cools down for you soon. It seems like you are having unusually hot weather there? Summer is one of lifes sillier phenomenons thats for sure!

    Stay Cool Buddy!


  2. Poor Bogie…I know exactly how you feel..I am very very very unimpressed with this heat. I make it to the beach every day also…but once i get home I am hot all over again…I just dont have the energy to do my blog…..Hopefully we can all cool down soon….and I promise mother nature I willl NEVER complain when it is cold….NEVER EVER..mj

  3. I’m with you guys… this being really hot thing for a really long time is gettin’ me down. Mom hates it too, so hopefully things will change soon!


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