Examine Paw

Ah, crap.

Looks like I may have another foxtail – this time in my other front paw, just between my toes, exactly like the last one. How is that even possible? Mom checks me thoroughly every single time we come home after a walk. I could feel something kinda growing for the last few days and was licking my paw, even mom noticed and was trying to trim the fur between my toes to see what I was trying to get at. But it looked like nothing, however it didn’t feel like nothing.

Examine Paw Examine Paw

And now today it’s all puffy again. Just like the last one. Except on the other paw. Mom and dad are going to wait a little this time to see if it tries to come out on it’s own so that I can avoid another surgery.

Examine Paw Examine Paw

I wonder if we still have any socks left…



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3 thoughts on “Here We Go Again…”

  1. Oh no Bogey ! That is not good news at all ! Maybe you need to get your humans to carry you when they take you for a walk. A doggie of your standing shouldn’t have to walk anyway – you should be chaufeured !! I will keep my paws crossed that it comes out by itself – stupid foxtails !

  2. Poor Bogart…
    They do sell chariots for dogs now….or maybe your mom could buy you some shoes….i wonder if they make some kind of summer shoes for dogs…i have a pair of winter boots i used to wear in the snow and ice and salt….they look silly and I used to do this funny dance when i wore them, but they protected my feet…anyhow I hope that nasty thing comes out…MJ

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