Airedales at the Dog Fest!

Ohmygosh, that was FUN!

A very long day in which mom dragged my butt all over town… first we got to the dog park – early for a change – then we had some errands to do, then we went to Lovebirds Cafe in Pasadena for a sandwich, then we walked around Pasadena for a little while…

Then mom went out without me – I was cross until I realized a few hours later that she had brought dad home!!!  Well, I was so excited they had to lock me in another room when he came in (don’t worry, I did manage to find a pair of mom’s shoes to begin the destructive process on in the meanwhile).  I’m soooo happy he’s home, I cannot begin to tell you.  I missed him soooo much, and even though he’s got a bandage on his leg (well, it’s a MUCH bigger one than I had, mom wasn’t kidding about his being much worse than mine was) he’s happy to see me too.

But no time for long emotional reunions, it was time to get back in the car for the Dogfest!  I had no idea of where we were going and mom pulled up at a house I haven’t been to before.  I thought things were a little odd, until… our friend Marieke popped her head outside!  Woo-hoo we were at Marieke’s house!  And that can only mean one thing…


We went inside and there were all my best Airedale buddies!!!  They have a great house and a fantastic backyard that I began to explore.  We didn’t stay long because we had p-l-a-n-s…

So back into the car and off to Griffith Park near the Old Zoo.  We had a nice little hike in the hills (4 Airedales at once!!!) with our moms trying valiantly to keep us from stopping at the many “all you can eat buffets” (that’s piles of horse shit for the uninitiated).  Fun and I got a tiny bit tired.  I was really impressed at my Airedale buddies, they walked so perfectly together and weren’t nearly as distracted as I was…

Airedales at the Dog Fest! Airedales at the Dog Fest!

So then it was off to the Dogfest at the Autry Museum.  We parked, mom forgot things in the car not once but TWICE… then we entered.  Well, you would have thought that big Hollywood movie stars had just arrived.  4 spectacular Airedales walking amongst our public, we cut quite a pretty picture and everyone loved us!!!  I of course used the opportunity to catch as much petting as I could and made it clear to everyone who came by exactly who the 10-month old was.

Airedales at the Dog Fest! Airedales at the Dog Fest! Airedales at the Dog Fest!

We sat on a blanket to watch the movies, but I was more interested in the field full of other dogs.  Yes I was barking, and yes I was distracted, and yes ok I wasn’t on my best behavior… but the other Airedales made up for it for me by sitting and being beautiful.  So it was a success.

It was so much fun that I’m ready for the next one… and to spend more time with my Airedale buddies so that they can teach me to be the best Airedale I can be!!!!!!!



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