Boy was it H-O-T here today… too hot for this Airedale.  Mom’s been so busy helping dad and taking care of things that it was difficult to explain to her that I was SO FREAKING HOT.  It took her almost a whole day, but then the light bulb went on in her teeny human brain and…

SHE GAVE ME A SHOWER! Brought me into the shower with her and got me all soaked.  Yes, I protested vigorously at the beginning, but then once it dawned on me that yes, this feels really good to be cool and wet, I actually started to enjoy it.

I always end each trip to the shower stall with a full-on “Aire Dry”.  That’s where I speed out of the shower as soon as the door opens, running at top speed through the entire apartment.  Nothing can get in my way as I run willy-nilly giving myself a true air drying.  I’ll lay down on occasion, rubbing myself into the carpet or on whatever is nearby, I’ll make a leap on the couch to try to rub myself dry on the pillows, heck I’ve even tried to rub myself against the cats in my bid for sweet drying freshness…

Note to self:  Cats don’t play that game very well.

The weirdest thing happened – mom took some photos of me running around but when she was trying to take them off of the camera to put them up here for the world to enjoy, they disappeared off of the memory card.  Oooooo, spooky.  So no photos as now it’s too dark to take ’em.

So I feel pretty good now, and I hear that dad is coming home tomorrow!  I’ve been told that I have to contain my excitement because he’s got a big ol’ bandage on his leg, but I know I’m gonna be so excited mom’s going to have to have me tied down!!!



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2 thoughts on “Aire Dry”

  1. I love your blog. Hey it seems like MJ and you have the same enjoyment of the shower/bath….anyhow keep up the fun blogs….

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