First, my apologies for not writing about my current adventures… it will please you to know that mom has been punished for her impudence.

I know she’s been a wee bit distracted – we have guests – but that really should be no reason to deny the world my cute mug.

So we do actually have friends of dad’s here visiting and that means that I get dragged all over town in the back of their van. Which I don’t especially enjoy, so I came up with lots of creative ways to NOT be in the back of the van. Some while they were driving, others when they weren’t looking. We went up to the Barnsdall Art Park to see the Frank Lloyd Wright Hollyhock House (not much to see as I couldn’t go inside, but lots of nice grass to run on), spent some time on Hollywood Boulevard near Grauman’s Chinese Theatre (I had my picture taken with several stars but the giant waving Pikachu scared the poop out of me) and then ran around Melrose looking all trendy with my fur flying in the wind.

I’ve been promised that there will be pictures coming soon since I posed for a lot of photos…. mom, don’t make me have to punish you again



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