Bogart and the Welsh Terriers

Ok, are these the two cutest dogs in the entire world or what?

At first I thought they were just tiny Airedales – pocket Airedales if you will – but they’re actually Welsh Terriers.  On the left is Shain and on the right is Bethan (I hope I spelled their names right!!!).

Bogart and the Welsh Terriers Bogart and the Welsh Terriers

They’re soooooooooo cute, I only got to sniff them from inside the dog park but that was cool.  As you know mom and dad have been looking for a place to take me for my first big haircut, so who better to ask than this gorgeous little set of terriers?

I’m pretty sure that the humans are pretty sure now of where to take me – the Welshies recommended someone that’s been recommended to us before – so maybe I’ll look as fabulous as they do once I get “done”.

It was great to see them because I didn’t get my Airedale “fix” this weekend, I miss seeing my other Airedale buddies at the dog park but we keep missing each other!  Miss you Kermit, Robin & Jupie!

Love you Welsh cuties!!!!


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One thought on “The Mini Me’s”

  1. You did spell us correctly! And we enjoyed seeing Bogart and his humans again. GREAT web-site. We’re envious. Thanks for giving us a post. All the best. The Me’s and our guys.

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