Canine Interlopers

Doesn’t look like much, does it?

It’s only the BANE OF MY EXISTENCE, the thing that I have to deal with every single pee trip outside…

What is it you ask? It’s the CANINE INTERLOPERS.

They live next door, and hide and lay in wait for me to exit the building. If you’re lucky you can see their furry black and white heads – or more likely just their ears – sticking up over the concrete wall. They wait for me to walk out the gate.

Canine Interlopers Canine Interlopers Canine Interlopers

Then they strike! Barking and running around in circles like maniacs! Driving themselves into a serious doggie tizzy. Once I walk away calmly (like I always do – never let ’em see you sweat) they’re quiet again until the next dog (or human, or stray cat, or piece of paper) goes by.

I really really hope that if I’m ever like that someone smacks me. I’m sure mom has already considered this.



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