Bogart and the Easter Bunny

Mom took me to the Grove outdoor mall today with an evil grin on her face. I knew that she was up to something. She was in tooooooo good of a mood.

We walked around for awhile and then stopped in at Three Dog Bakery for a quick treat (I’m a big fan of their little pup cakes – just the right amount of frosting!). Then mom had lunch at Corner Bakery and I just sat next to her, taking in all of the accolades and admiration of the populace.

Then we walked toward the center of the mall area – and she took me up onto a little bridge near some screaming children. Now, I haven’t known mom all that long, but I know that screaming children is absolutely NOT her favorite thing in the world. There must be a reason for all of this.

And then I saw him.

In a coat of furry white, a snazzy vest and tie combo, and the biggest ears I’ve ever seen… sat The Easter Bunny. Mom asked if it would be ok to take my picture (uh wait…. it’s for me, mom???) with the bunny and the photographer said SURE! So mom got all excited and got me posed and looking all pretty sitting at the feet of the Easter Bunny. Look here Bogart! Snap! Snap!

That was all it took. Then she had this picture in her hand that she was giggling inanely at. She had to show it to the small group that had gathered to watch me pose (any attention makes me so happy) and everyone “ooh-d” and “aah-d” at the photo. At least it was a LOT easier than when I had my picture taken with the evil Petco Santa last year….

We can highly recommend having your pets picture taken at The Grove in LA with the Easter Bunny – it was a great experience – easy for me, easy for mom, easy for the Bunny.

Of course I still have no idea of what Easter or the Bunny are about…



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